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NabetaJisho(Dictionary software)
NabetaJisho(Dictionary software)

CR3 (MSX mini game) with asu-MSX Library for BDS C
CR3 is the MSX2 mini game.
CR3 written by BDS C compiler with asu ansi2kr(ANSI to K&R converter)
Source files support HI-TECH C(CP/M) too.
Open source.
CR3 (MSX mini game)

asu ansi2kr (ANSI C to K&R C converter) for BDS C , MSX-C
asu ansi2kr is the ANSI C to K&C Converter(translator) for BDS C , MSX-C.
Open source.
Written by ANSI C (C++ Builder etc...)
Support platforms: Windows , CP/M , MSX-DOS , MSX-DOS2
asu ansi2kr (ANSI C to K&R convereter)

ZCASMB (Z80 link tool for BDS C,Windows
ZCASMB is the Z80 assembly language link tool for BDS on Windows
forked from ZCASM Ver 1.5(CP/M)
Open source.
Written by ANSI C (C++ Builder)
Support platforms: Windows

asu bloadmake
Add MSX bload header tool for Windows.
Support asu-MSX Library for BDS C
asu bloadmake

asu ihex2bin
intel hex file to binary file converter for Windows.
Max address FFFF
asu ihex2bin

Do you remember BDS C OTHELLO program?
You can play on websites now.
original BDS C OTHELLO program on HTML5(WebMSX)
modified BDS C OTHELLO program for PHP/CGI
original OTHELLO.C source file
modified PHP/CGI and PHP/Terminal OTHELLO.PHP OTHELLOCGI.PHP source file
modified ANSI C OTHELLO.C source file

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